Simona Perna

Investigadora postdoctoral (R2), Área de investigación.
Miembro, Equipo de investigación: Arqueometría y Producciones Artísticas (ArPA).
Campos de estudio: Arqueología funeraria, Arqueología de la arquitectura, Arqueometría, Producciones artísticas.
Código ORCID: 0000-0002-7896-8252
Perna, S., "What is in a Vase? Materiality and semiotics of cinerary vases in Egyptian stone and vase shapes in Roman domestic and funerary contexts." a Berg, R.; Coralini, A.; Koponen, A.; Välimäki, R. (eds), Tangible Religion. Materiality of Domestic Cult Practices from Antiquity to Early Modern Era, Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae, 49, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Roma, p. 51-83.
Capítulo de libro | 2021
Perna,S., "A Case of Serial Production? Julio-Claudian “tureen” funerary urns in calcitic alabaster and other coloured stone" a Reinhardt, A. B. (ed.), Strictly economic? Ancient Serial Production and its Premises. Proceedings of Panel 3.18, 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology (Cologne/Bonn (Alemanya), del 22 el 26 May 2018), Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World 20, Propylaeum, Heidelberg, p. 5-17.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2021
Perna, S.; Barker, S; Ward, C., "Marble networks and social interaction in houses at Pompeii" a Donnellan, L. (ed), Towards an application of network analysis and network concepts in social archaeology., Routledge Studies in Archaeology, Routledge, London, p. 89-115.
Capítulo de libro | 2020
Perna, S., "Elementi di arredo lapideo da interno ed esterno a Iasos", Bollettino Iasos di Caria, 25, p. 11-16.
Artículo en otras revistas | 2019
Perna, s.; Barker, S., "Archaeometric analysis of the alabaster thresholds of Villa A, Oplontis (Torre Annunziata, Italy) and new Sr and Pb isotopic data for alabastro ghiaccione del Circeo" a Matetić Poljak, D; andMarasović, K. (eds.), ASMOSIA XI. Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stones. Proceedings of the International Conference, Split 2015 (Split (Croacia), del 18 el 22 May 2015), University of Split, Split, p. 215-230.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2018
Más publicaciones
Perna, S.; Barker, S.; Coombe, P., "Re-use of Roman stone in London City-walls" a Coquelet, C.; Creemers, G.; Dreesen, R., Goemaere, E. (eds.), Roman ornamental stones in North-Western Europe. Natural resources, manufacturing, supply, life & after-life, Etudes et documentes d'arqueologia, 38, AWaP, Namur, p. 327-348.
Capítulo de libro | 2018
Perna, S.; Barker, S., "Imitation alabaster: varieties and symbolism in Roman Painting" a Dubois, Y.; Niffeler, U. (eds), Pictores per provincias II - Status quaestionis (Lausanne, del 12 al 16 septiembre 2016), ANTIQUA 55, Veröffentlichung der Archäologie Schweiz, Basel, p. 405-412.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2018
Perna, S.; Barker, S., "Alabaster: Quarrying and Trade in the Roman World. Evidence from Pompeii and Herculaneum" a Matetić Poljak, D.; Marasović, K.(eds.), ASMOSIA XI Interdisciplinary Studies of Ancient Stone Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference of ASMOSIA (Split (Croacia), del 18 al 22 May 2015), University of Split, Split, p. 45-64.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2018
Perna, S.; Barker, S., "I rivestimenti pavimentali di Pompei ed Ercolano e l’uso dell’alabastro in epoca Romana (II SEC. A.C. – I SEC. D.C.): nuove indagini" a C. Angelelli, D. Massara, and A. Paribeni (eds.), Atti del XXII Colloquio dell’Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico (Matera (Italy), del 16 al 19 marzo 2016), SCRIPTA MANENT, ROMA, p. 73-82.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2017
Perna, S., "Fabri Luxuriae. Production of Coloured Stone Vases and Urns in the Roman Period" a P. Pensabene et E.Gasparrini. (eds.), Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone. Proceedings of the X ASMOSIA Conference (Rome 2012) (Roma, del 21 al 26 mai 2012), L'Erma, Roma, p. 1021-1030.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2015
Perna, S., "Roman colored stone funerary urns" a Coombe, P.; Henig, M.; Grew F.; Hayward K. (eds.), Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani. Roman Sculpture from London and the South- East., CSIR, Oxford University Press/British Academy, Oxford, p. 126-131.
Capítulo de libro | 2015
Perna, S., "The Colours of Death. Roman Cinerary Urns in Coloured Stone." a Guitierrez Garcia-M, A, Lapuente, P. and Roda, I. (eds), Interdiscplinary Studies on Ancient Stone: Proceedings of the IX ASMOSIA Conference (Tarragona, Spain, del 8 al 3 de iuni 2009), ICAC, Tarragona, p. 787-800.
Artículo en actas de congreso | 2012