The ICAC established the Committee for Gender Equality on October 2017, with the primary aim of ensuring real and effective gender equality in all activity areas of the Institute.

Its mission is to prevent any imbalance, bias or gender conflict detected in any structure, recruitment process or staff promotion, as well as in the activities organized or participated by the Institute.

Members of the Committee: Jesús CarruescoLydia Gil & Maura Lerga (since November 2018)

Pla d’acció per a la igualtat de gènere (in Catalan). This document includes a set of measures and gender-based data on ICAC staff and activities.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science (2019):

This year ICAC has reinforced its commitment with this international celebration. ICAC’s Committee for Gender Equality organized different dissemination talks and joined the local initiative of the Association for the Scientific Dissemination in Tarragona.

  • Dissemination talks in secondary education schools:
    • Archaeology and inequalities, by Lídia Colominas. Wednesday, February 6, INS Josep Tapiró (Reus).
    • The secret of Dr Barry, by Maite Salagaray. Monday, February 11, IES Sant Pere i Sant Pau (Tarragona).
  • Participation in one of the Meetings with scientists of Tarragona, organized by the Association for the Scientific Dissemination in Tarragona on the occasion of 11 February celebration (program), with the researcher Anna Gutiérrez.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science (2018):

The ICAC joined this international celebration (proclaimed by the ONU on 2015) with the following activities:

ICAC specific publications on gender issues:

Hic et Nunc 8_coberta

Los trabajos de las mujeres en el mundo antiguo Cuidado y mantenimiento de la vida

Ana Delgado Hervás, Marina Picazo Gurina


Atenea Mulieres_coberta

Gynaikes. Mulieres. Mirades sobre la dona a Grècia i a Roma
Zaragoza, Joana; Fortea, Gemma (ed.)



Calendari Dones i Arqueologia 2017_cobertaCalendari Dones i Arqueologia 2017

Observatorio de la Igualdad de la URV, ICAC



Other resources: