First registration period: 1 March to 21 July 2016
Second registration period: 1 to 19 September 2016

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Participating institutions

Rovira i Virgili University, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology


The programme in which the Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology is awarded gives a total of 90 ECTS. Nevertheless, the number of credits students have to take may be reduced at the discretion of the Coordinating Committee, depending on the accreditation of corresponding prior studies.


The objective of the master’s degree is to offer students methodological training and a professional qualification in the field of archaeology, a specialisation in the principal lines of research and, at the same time, specific training in protohistoric, Greco-Roman and late antiquity archaeology. It offers training focusing on the study of the ancient Mediterranean societies.
The master’s degree offers the student the possibility of entering the field of archaeological research through the activity carried out in this field by the participating universities and institutions. Preventive archaeology and the management and dissemination of archaeological heritage are also priority training objectives.

Study plan

See this PDF. (Prior course)

Teaching staff

See this PDF. (Prior course)

Admission requirements

The students are selected in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Suitability of the entrance qualification: up to a maximum of 35 points, in accordance with the following order:
    • Graduates in the area of the Humanities and the Social Sciences: up to a maximum of 35 points.
    •  Graduates in the area of Engineering: up to a maximum of 20 points.
    • Other: 0 points.
  2. Valuation of the official university degree academic file that gives access to the master’s degree: up to a maximum of 35 points.
  3. Complementary training (courses, seminars or other educational activities, accredited with documents, participation in archaeological excavations) related to the content of the master’s degree: up to a maximum of 20 points.
  4. Knowledge of languages (English, French or German): up to a maximum of 10 points.

Nevertheless, if there is no shortage of places, the admissions body may admit students without the need to prioritise them in accordance with their merits.

Selection criteria

The selection follows the guidelines of the Erasmus Mundus programme in terms of the excellence of the candidates and their motivation and professional objectives.

The Selection Committee will apply the following criteria:

  • Academic curriculum: 50%
  • Ancient languages: 10%
  • Modern languages: 20%
  • Experience in field archaeology: 20%

The Committee reserves the right to call admission exams in which the candidates will have to demonstrate their knowledge of the history, archaeology and philology of the ancient civilisations.

It should also be taken into account that the university organising the official master’s degree sets the procedures and requirements it considers necessary for the final admission to the course. Therefore, in addition to the requirement for an official qualification, you should seek information about any additional selection conditions or criteria that may be required.

Other information of interest

Grants and subsidies

  • Ministerial Grants (MEC)
  • Erasmus Grants (Universities of Lecce, Nàpols II (SUN), La Sapienza, Heidelberg, Padova, Reading, Wales, Budapest, Clermont-Ferrand, Messina, Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)
  • ICAC Grants: BIR (Research Initiation Grants); pending call


Academic contact
Committee Coordinator

Dr. Joaquín Ruiz de Arbulo
Committee Chairperson, Representative of the URV Faculty of Arts
Department of History and the History of Art
Tel. 977 55 81 45
and the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology
Tel. 977 24 91 33

Centre coordinators

Dra. Eva Subías Pascual
URV and General Coordinator
Department of History and the History of Art
Tel. 977 55 86 92

Dr. Josep Maria Palet Martínez
ICAC Research and Advanced Training Coordinator
Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology
Tel. 977 24 91 33

Dr. Josep Guitart Duran
Autonomous University of Barcelona Coordinator
Department of Sciences of the Antiquity
Tel. 93 581 25 15

Administrative contact

Secretariat of the Rovira i Virgili University Faculty of Arts
Tel. 977 55 95 13

Secretariat of the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology
Ana Gallego Salas
Tel. 977 24 91 33 (ext. 214)