These are research programmes with a marked thematic nature that can be included in a specific line of research or can develop aspects that affect various lines. This is the case of programmes of a strategic nature, such as Greek archaeology, that have as a generic objective the promotion of training and research in this field of classical archaeology among Catalan university postgraduate students.

Also considered as specific programmes are those defined and carried out with reference to a specific historical question. This is the case of the Archaeology of Western Mediterranean Protohistory programme, which is undertaking an in-depth study of our knowledge of the major transformations that led to the formation of urban societies and their evolution under the initial influence of the Greco-Punic colonisations and later those of the Romans. Another example is the programme that looks into the urban transformations that took place in late antiquity, focusing on the urban actions linked to the archaeological evidence of this period of urban change.

Arqueologia de la protohistòria a la Mediterrània Occidental
Arqueologia grega
Antiguitat tardana