EAA 2021, ‘Widening Horizons’: 27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

Dates:07/09/2021 - 11/09/2021
Organised by: EAA, Kiel University

A year ago, ‘Widening Horizons’ was decided on as the motto of the 27th EAA Annual Meeting, as it combined the ‘sense of place’ of Kiel and its position in Europe, with the orientation of its university and the Johanna Mestorf Academy (the host organizer of the 2021 AM) and our shared ambition to think, speak about and act widely on environmental sustainability and climate change.

One year after, ‘widening horizons’, as any good motto, has developed new and pertinent meanings. It is hard not to imagine that our unsustainable resource use of the Earth has in some way caused the current rampant world pandemic. We will need intellectual, political, and cultural horizons wide open to re-establish the balance of global society with its environment.

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Many ICAC researchers from the Protohistoric Archaeology, GIAP, and ArPA research teams are among the organizers of two sessions in the conference:


September, 7th

[Session 440] Touching Objects, Feeling Materials: Material Transformations, Technology and Sensoriality in Ancient Material Culture. MSC researcher Simona Perna (ICAC, ArPA) is the main organizer of this session, along with Roberta Di Febo (ICAC-UAB) and Lluís Casas (UAB).



September, 8th

[Session 277] GIAP researchers

(9.15 h CEST) Integrated landscape research in Ter high mountain valleys (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain): Livestock, settlement dynamics, and land-use in a long-term perspective. Josep Maria Palet, Valentina Pescini, Lídia Colominas, Arnau Garcia-Molsosa, Itxaso Euba.

(9.30 h CEST) Archaeological survey in a high-mountain environment: Livestock settlements, land-use and landscape dynamics in Puigpedrós massif and Duran Valley (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain). Arnau Carbonell, Josep Maria Palet, Lídia Colominas, Jesús Martínez, Valentina Pescini, Abel Gallego-Valle, Paloma Aliende.


September, 9th

[Session 273] Protohistoric Archaeology research team researchers

(11:45 h CEST). Different solutions for different needs: examining similarities and differences in the fortifications of North‐eastern Iberia (4th‐3rd centuries BC)Oriol Cuscó.


September, 10th

[Session 207] Combustion Features in Mediterranean Late Prehistory: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Their Uses and Functions. Organized by Maria Carme Belarte (ICREA-ICAC), along with Alexandre Beylier (UMR5140, CNRS / Université Montpellier), Marta Mateu (Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, UNAM), Miquel Molist (Departament de Prehistòria, UAB) and Marta Portillo (Institució Milà i Fontanals, CSIC).


(15:00 h CEST). Iron combustion structures in the Eastern Iberian Peninsula and South France: a transdisciplinary study. Maria Maria Carme (ICREA-ICAC), Marta Portillo (IMF, CSIC), Marta Mateu (UNAM), Alessandra Pecci (UB), Carme Saorin (UB), Pilar Camañes (ICAC), Oriol Cuscó (ICAC), María Pastor (ICAC), Joan Canela (ICAC).

(17:00 h CEST). Investigating combustion structures through experimental approaches at Iron Age Calafell archaeological site (Tarragona, Spain). Maria Maria Carme (ICREA-ICAC), Josep Pou (Ajuntament de Calafell), Jordi Morer (Món Iber ROCS SL), María Pastor (ICAC), Marta Portillo (IMF, CSIC), Marta Mateu (UNAM), Alessandra Pecci (UB), Carme Saorin (UB), Joaquim Fernández (UAB).


[Session 681] GIAP researchers

(11:15 h CEST). The analysis of Roman Centuriation as a mean for the interconnection of Mediterranean archaeological research through an interdisciplinary approach. Maria Jesús Ortega, Josep Maria Palet, Hèctor Orengo.


September, 11th

[Session 382] GIAP researchers

(16:30 h CEST). Manual and automated rediscovery of small village ponds in Northwest India, and potential contributions to resilient and sustainable water management. Adam Green (University of Cambridge), Arnau Garcia-Molsosa (ICAC), Aftab Alam (Banaras Hindu University), Hèctor Orengo (ICAC), Cameron Petrie (University of Cambridge).



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