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Possible Roman oven related to the construction of the Francolí Roman aqueduct (Tarragona)

Within the framework of the project on Roman aqueducts of Tarraco, researchers took samples to date the Roman oven with archaeomagnetism analyses. One of the findings of the archaeological survey at Francolí aqueduct (which began last February) was the discovery of a lime oven very close to the Fonollosa stream (in the municipality of Vallmoll, […]
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Two new MSCA researchers will join ICAC with European funding

Two new European Commission MSCA grants awarded to Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC) proposals. Projects go with Individual Fellowship (IF) call, (Horizon 2020) which aims to boost experienced researchers career. With these new grants two researchers will join ICAC for two-year projects. They have been selected among the 2.015 proposals from all over Europe that have […]
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New archaeological excavations confirm the connection of two different aqueducts in the Roman aqueduct of Gaià (Tarraco)

Archaeological works carried out during 2020 in the area of Camp de Tarragona have allowed researchers to determine that the Gaià aqueduct (one of the Tarraco Roman aqueducts) is not a single aqueduct but two connected aqueducts. Habría un primer acueducto que va desde El Pont d’Armentera hasta Puigpelat, dos poblaciones de la comarca del […]

New RSAT publication ‘Butlletí Arqueològic’ 2020 with the participation of six ICAC researchers

Following its annual commitment, the Reial Societat Arqueològica Tarraconense (RSAT) has just published the latest issue of the journal Butlletí Arqueològic (2020). This scientific journal has a history of more than one hundred years, being the oldest in Catalonia in its genre. It is published with the sponsorship of Fundació Privada Mútua Catalana, the Tarragona […]
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‘Tarracropolis’ is a new space for the historical interpretation of Tarraco acropolis

ICAC and Biblical Museum of Tarragona (MBT) opened a new museum room in Tarragona, named Tarracrópolis: an space for historical interpretation in the Old Town of Tarragona. Roman, medieval, and contemporary Tarragona overlap and allow us to establish a story to deepen our knowledge of the history and heritage of the city. The project, which […]

Hearths, fire and clay. A transdisciplinary study on Iron Age combustion structures

A new R&D research project proposes to deepen the knowledge of combustion structures in the northwestern Mediterranean during protohistory (first millennium BC). Throughout the first millennium BC (and following a tradition that dates back to the Neolithic) hearths with similar characteristics are documented across the Mediterranean, from North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula to the Aegean. While there are […]

Photogrammetric documentation works at the Roman wall of Tarragona

ICAC and ETSA-URV are these days working on photogrammetric documentation of the section of the Tarragona Roman wall that runs from the Via del Imperi to the black fort. Tasks consisted of a double survey: laser scanner and photogrammetry. Thanks to the combination of the two techniques, researchers will be able to study and precisely […]
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Fieldwork at the Greek colony of Abdera, Thrace, Greece: report on GIAP summer adventure

Originally posted by the GIAP team at http://giap.icac.cat/news/ 2020, a complicated year for the whole world! And in the midst of the pandemic, GIAP team had somehow to move on with the TransLands project to ensure the provision of good datasets to continue with the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and analysis of the twice-funded Classical colony of Abdera […]
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An international initiative will put on the map archaeological survey projects in the Mediterranean and surrounding areas

ICAC Landscape Archaeology Research Group (GIAP) in collaboration with researchers from Carleton College (USA), the Florida State University (USA) and the Cambridge University (UK) have launched an international initiative to collect information on archaeological survey projects in the Mediterranean and surrounding areas. The project aims to develop an open-access database on The Fieldwalker portal, with an interactive map that has already started to […]
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1st TIR-FOR Symposium on digital cartography, next October 26 and 27, fully online

1st TIR-FOR Symposium. From territory studies to digital cartography Next October 26 and 27, will take place the 1st TIR-FOR Symposium, at the IEC, Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Barcelona), ​​in a fully online format. The Symposium will run a two-day program with 27 talks and a poster session, organized into three thematic sessions; with the participation of experts […]