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GIAP goes to India: a new project investigates the origins of the Indus Civilisation

The Kachchh Archaeological Project: trade, pastoralism and the origins of the Indus Civilisation (2021-2023) is an ongoing GIAP collaboration with the University of Kerala (India) and the Institución Milà i Fontanals – CSIC (Spain). It also includes researchers from the University of La Laguna (Tenerife), as well as from Albion College and the Rochester Institute of Technology, both in the […]
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Possible Roman oven related to the construction of the Francolí Roman aqueduct (Tarragona)

Within the framework of the project on Roman aqueducts of Tarraco, researchers took samples to date the Roman oven with archaeomagnetism analyses. One of the findings of the archaeological survey at Francolí aqueduct (which began last February) was the discovery of a lime oven very close to the Fonollosa stream (in the municipality of Vallmoll, […]
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An event to know and discuss transversal study techniques of Ancient Architecture in Archaeology

We are pleased to invite you to the International Seminar “Methods and Techniques for the Study of Ancient Architecture in Archaeology”. The ICAC research team on Protohistoric Archaeology, led by ICREA researcher Maria Carme Belarte, is organizing an international seminar on the study of Ancient Architecture in Archaeology, on May 4th. The purpose of the seminar is to show […]
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Next May 3th, a new archaeological campaign will begin in Llívia (Cerdanya)

Archaeological works will continue in Roman Forum Iulia Libica and, this year, there will be archaeological surveys in the upper area of Puig del Castell. El día 3 de mayo se iniciará una nueva campaña de excavaciones en Llívia (Cerdanya), en el fórum y territorio de la ciudad de Iulia Libica, en el marco del […]
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Condolences on the death of prof. Simon Keay

The ICAC joins the condolences on the death of Prof. Simon Keay, our colleague, and ICAC Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) member. Simon was linked to the Roman archaeology of Hispania since the 80s as a result of the surveys in the Ager Tarraconensis that he directed and that marked a whole generation of archaeologists in […]
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We welcome two postdoctoral researchers, beneficiaries of the ICAC CIP20 call

Oriane Bourgeon y Elena Duce se han incorporado este 2021 en el ICAC como investigadoras postdoctorales beneficiarias de la última convocatoria postdoctoral del ICAC (CIP20), que prevé la contratación de dos investigadores/as R2 en formación, por un período de dos años y bajo la coordinación de un/a investigador/a R3 o R4 del Instituto. Esta es […]
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Available in open access a catalog of heritage elements related to the integral water cycle

We publish in open access (available for online consultation and download) the recent publication Catàleg dels elements patrimonials relacionats amb el cicle integral de l’aigua, a 2021 co-edition with EMATSA (public Tarragona corporation for water provision). The publication displays a compilation of data on the different historical elements linked to the collection and delivery of water […]
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La Satalia: a territorial vision of Montjuïc, one of the most emblematic mountains of Barcelona

El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y el Instituto Catalán de Arqueología Clásica (ICAC) publican Paisaje histórico en la montaña de Montjuïc: resultados del proyecto La Satalia (edición trilingüe). Es un trabajo de arqueología del paisaje enfocado desde el punto de vista de la geografía histórica y dirigido a especialistas, gestores del territorio, personas interesadas en la historia de […]
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Empiezan los preparativos para la experimentación con réplicas de estructuras de combustión protohistóricas

Las estructuras de combustión de la Edad del Hierro pueden proporcionar mucha más información que la obtenida hasta el momento a través de estudios dominados por los aspectos formales y por el análisis de la asociación de estas estructuras con artefactos y ecofactos. El proyecto TransComb: Estudio transdisciplinar y experimental de estructuras de combustión en el Mediterráneo occidental durante la […]
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ICAC moves forward the consolidation of archaeozoology as an essential discipline to study Antiquity

This March 2021, Dr Lídia Colominas began a new stage of her research career at ICAC, through a research contract from the Ramón y Cajal Spanish government call. Lídia Colominas is an archaeologist specialized in the study of Romanization in the Western Mediterranean. Her research focuses on the study of interactions between animals and societies […]