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A stylistic and archaeometric study allows identifying an unpublished marble bust found in Abegondo (Galicia)

New paper on an unpublished marble bust found in Abegondo (Galicia), a research work that encompasses the stylistic and archaeological study of this piece now identified as a marble bust from Carrara (Italy). Se desconoce la procedencia exacta del hallazgo, pero parece probable que se descubriera a principios del siglo XX a resultas de unos […]
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Fieldwork at the Greek colony of Abdera, Thrace, Greece: report on GIAP summer adventure

Originally posted by the GIAP team at http://giap.icac.cat/news/ 2020, a complicated year for the whole world! And in the midst of the pandemic, GIAP team had somehow to move on with the TransLands project to ensure the provision of good datasets to continue with the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and analysis of the twice-funded Classical colony of Abdera […]
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An international initiative will put on the map archaeological survey projects in the Mediterranean and surrounding areas

ICAC Landscape Archaeology Research Group (GIAP) in collaboration with researchers from Carleton College (USA), the Florida State University (USA) and the Cambridge University (UK) have launched an international initiative to collect information on archaeological survey projects in the Mediterranean and surrounding areas. The project aims to develop an open-access database on The Fieldwalker portal, with an interactive map that has already started to […]

A photographic catalogue on the old museum of the Tarragona Archaeological Society to celebrate its 175th anniversary

New publication “L’antic museu de la Societat Arqueològica Tarraconense (1844-1867)” makes an overview to the first collection of archaeological pieces that, later, would be the seed of the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona, MNAT. As a special event planned for the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the Royal Tarraconensis Archaeological Society (RSAT, Reial Societat […]
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Third edition of the European Researchers Night, with a program of activities adapted to the COVID-19 situation

“Research for Change” is the slogan for the organization of about thirty scientific online workshops in which participate a hundred researchers of the URV and the research centres ICAC, ICIQ, IISPV and IPHES. Nota de premsa, URV La divulgación científica no se para, tampoco en tiempo de COVID. El 27 de noviembre es este año […]
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1st TIR-FOR Symposium on digital cartography, next October 26 and 27, fully online

1st TIR-FOR Symposium. From territory studies to digital cartography Next October 26 and 27, will take place the 1st TIR-FOR Symposium, at the IEC, Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Barcelona), ​​in a fully online format. The Symposium will run a two-day program with 27 talks and a poster session, organized into three thematic sessions; with the participation of experts […]
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New input to the TarrAcro-Polis research and scientific dissemination project

TarrAcro-Polis: a scientific journey of 2,000 years of history Research and scientific dissemination project TarrAcro-Polis (funded by FECYT through the Call for grants for the promotion of scientific, technological and innovation culture, FCT-18-13482) has received a boost, last Tuesday 20 October, with the signature of a collaboration agreement between Biblical Museum of Tarragona (MBT) and County Council of Tarragonès to contribute […]
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How were technological innovation and knowledge transfer like in Classical times? A new MSCA project at ICAC will study the importance of technological progress from ancient times

We welcome Simona Perna, an archaeologist with a degree in Classical Culture, as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie researcher at the ICAC. This fellowship (MSCA) is named after the great scientist and double Nobel Prize winner. It is a very prestigious research fellowship programme from the European Commission that promotes mobility and innovative training among researchers at European and international level. MSCA […]
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Open call for temporary job on computational archaeologist at the ICAC

Open call, since October 24, 2020, for a temporary research contract (code 017.78) to work as a computacional archaeologist in the research project «Prospección arqueológica inteligente sobre plataforma dron (DIASur)» (code 21.230), at the Research Group in Landscape Archaeology (GIAP). Application deadline: October 28, 2020 (24 h). Full information and details in the website Working at the ICAC.   Research […]
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ICAC launches a process for creating a protocol for prevention and action against workplace harassment based on sex, gender or diversity

ICAC Equality Committee leads a process for creating a protocol for the prevention, detection, identification and action in situations of sexual harassment at work based on sex, gender or diversity, and other forms of harassment. This action is included in the ICAC’s Action Plan for Equality (approved by the Board of Directors in 2017) and responds to the ICAC’s […]