Maria Rueda Prunell

PhD researcher (R1), Research Department.
Fields of expertise: Production and Commerce in Antiquity, Instrumentum domesticum (ceramology, etc.).
ORCID code: 0000-0001-6083-4929
Brief CV

She obtained a Bachelor degree in History at the University of Girona (2018), following the pathway of Archaeology and Heritage. Within the years in which she took this degree, she participated in several archaeology courses organized by the aforementioned university with the collaboration of the Archaeological Museum of Catalunya (MAC) – Empúries, and the Regional Archaeological Museum of Banyoles.

Afterwards, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies in Archaeology at the University of Barcelona, with a specialization in Archaeology of Materials and Technological Processes (2019). Her dissertation, supervised by Dr. Verónica Martínez, focused on the archaeometric analysis of several dolia from some archaeological settlements located in the North – East of Catalunya. The aim of this project was to establish the origin of the sampled material and the identification of some of the dolia manufacturing technological processes.

Nowadays, she is a PhD researcher in ICAC, as a member of the research team “Food, Economy and Trade in the Ancient World” (Aecma), with a doctoral scholarship (FPI) granted by the Spanish Government. Her investigation is part of the project: “Figlinae Hispaniae (FIGHISP). Catálogo en red de las alfarerías hispanorromanas y estudio de la comercialización de sus productos” (PGC2018-099843-BI00).

Her thesis, directed by Dr. Ramon Jarrega and co-directed by Dr. Joaquim Tremoleda (curator and archaeologist in MAC-Empúries), will study the production, use and trade of roman dolia in the Hispania Citerior area.