Michele Matteazzi

Visiting postdoctoral researcher (R2), Research Department.
Member, Research team: Landscape Archaeology (GIAP).
Fields of expertise: Landscape Archaeology, GIS, Archaeomorphology.
ORCID code: 0000-0003-3552-2266
Brief CV

Graduated in Archeology at the University of Padua (Italy, 2005), in 2007 completed a Master in Classical Archaeology at the University of Padua with a thesis entitled “Tecnica stradale romana. Octava Regio” Since 2013 is PhD in Archaeology, title obtained with a cotutored research carried out at the Universiy of Padua (director prof. Guido Rosada) and the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona (Spain, director Dr. Josep Maria Palet Martínez) and entitled “Dinamiche insediative e organizzazione territoriale a sud di Padova in età romana”.

Member of the Landscape Archeology Research Group (GIAP-ICAC), his risearch lines include Landscape Archeology and Roman Archeology and are especially dedicated to the study of settlement and landscpae dynamics of the Cisalpine Gaul (current Northern Italy) during the Roman period (III cent. BC-V/VI cent. AD). His activities include the management of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the creation and management of databases, the coordination of archaeological surveys and excavations (in terms of project design and documentation management), the cataloging and the study of Roman ceramic and numismatic material.

Since 2013 he works as archaeologist for several Italian institutions, such as the National Archaeological Museum of Parma (2015-2016) and the Soprintendenze of Lombardia (2016-2017), Piemonte (2017) and Veneto (2013-14, 2017).