The ICAC has a publications service through which it disseminates its own and external research in the field of classical archaeology in the widest sense.

The editorial committee and the peer review system guarantee the rigour and scientific contribution of the books in the Institute’s three collections: two of which are in print form, Documenta and Hic et Nunc, and the other, Trama, is in digital format.


In addition to publication in print or in digital format, the books are available in Open Access (PDF format) nine months after their presentation. They can be found both on this website and at Recercat.

The ICAC is listed in the SPI (Scholarly Publishers Indicators), ranking of scientific book publishers in the area of archaeology and prehistory. This list is published by the Centre for Human and Social Sciences (CSIC) and is based on the opinion of Spanish experts in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The ICAC also jointly publishes or collaborates with the publications of other bodies.