The Open Access

The Open Access movement arose out of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (2002) and the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (2003). Its aim is to offer permanent, free and unrestricted access to scientific content, with the objective of favouring the accessibility, visibility and impact of research.


Open Access allows the ICAC:

  • To increase its national and international visibility
  • To amplify the impact of its research staff.
  • To demonstrate excellence in research quality.
  • To ensure that current Spanish and European legislation is complied with, thus guaranteeing that the results of research financed with public resources are placed in the public domain.

The ICAC’s Open Access policy (forthcoming) (July 9th 2015)

Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya (PRC)

Since 2018 the research carried out by the ICAC is available on the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya (PRC). Open access dissemination of research outputs produced in Catalonia is the goal of this platform (more information).



The research carried out by the ICAC is available since 2014 on Recercat (Deposit of Research in Catalonia).


Recercat is a cooperative archive in which it is possible to consult the research literature from the universities and research institutions of Catalonia. It includes articles, research work, final degree and master’s degree projects, conference papers, reports, working documents, etc.

ICAC in Recercat (2017)
ICAC in Recercat (2014-2016)