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New archaeological works campaign at the settlement Coll del Moro (Gandesa, Tarragona)

New campaign of archaeological works at the archaeological site Coll del Moro, an Iberian fortified settlement of about 3.350 m from the Ilercavones tribe, located in the area of Gandesa (Tarragona). These archaeological works belongs to the research project UB-ICAC «Conformation, development and dissolution of Iberian culture in the lower course of the Ebro river (s. […]
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DO Catalonia and the ICAC will collaborate in a reserch project in the Roman villa Mas dels Frares

The Council of DO Catalonia and the ICAC signed a collaboration agreement that will make possible the investigation of the archaeological site of the Roman villa of  Mas dels Frares winery (Constantí, Tarragona). The project, led by the ICAC researcher Josep Maria Macias, includes experimental archaeological works based on a possible centre of wine exploitation from the Roman period. The research […]
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New research project to locate and document the Gaià aqueduct, the largest one built by the Romans in Catalonia

The ICAC has signed a new collaboration agreement with the foundation Fundació Privada Mútua Catalana (FPMC) to carry out the archaeological research project Aqua Augusta. This project has the primary objective of locating and documenting, topographically and photographically, the longest Roman water construction that supplied the ancient city of Tarraco: the aqueduct of Gaià. 50 […]
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The IV Interdisciplinary Seminar on Epigraphy and Archaeometry brought together more than a dozen experts

Full assistance at the ICAC’s conference room last Friday, May 31, on the occasion of the IV Interdisciplinary Seminar on Epigraphy and Archaeometry, which also hosted a tribute to Rosa M. Mercado, a young archaeologist trained in the Master’s Degree in Classical Archeology (joined URV-UAB- ICAC). More than fifty people attended throughout the day to the […]
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New stage for a new Editorial Advisory Board at the ICAC

ICAC is leading a clear commitment to quality and rigour in its publications. This May 2019, a new composition of the Editorial Advisory Board has come into effect. This is an external body composed of eight renowned experts:   Juan Manuel Abascal University of Alicante (Spain) Susan E. Alcock University of Michigan – Ann Arbor […]
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Pre-enrolment online application to the Master in Classical Archaeology, open till May 15

First period to pre-enrolment to the Master in Classical Archaeology (academic year 2019/2020) will be open till May, 15. After this first application period, it will be open a second online enrolment period from May, 16 to July, 19, if there are vacant posts. Get personalized attention in the ICAC’s Support Office for students. Pre-enrol! More information   […]
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The ICAC, member of a interdisciplinary institutional body on natural stone and historic quarries

A seminar on historical quarry spaces, organized by the IGME (Spanish Geological and Mining Institute) last November in Madrid, led to the creation of the Interdisciplinary Table on Natural Stone and Historic Quarries, which was formally established on April 8, 2019. This working platform aims to articulate different public institutions to create a figure of […]
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Check the video of the last lecture at the “Tribuna d’Arqueologia”

Available the information and the video related to the last lecture “Archaeological works in the Iberic settlement of Coll del Moro de Gandesa (Terra Alta) between 2014 and 2018” (in Catalan), which took place on April 24, in Barcelona, in the framework of the lectures “Tribuna d’Arqueologia 2018-2019″. Speakers were archaeologists Maria Carme Belarte (ICREA-ICAC) and Rafel Jornet (UB […]
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Marta Prevosti, new vicepresident of the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC)

Marta Prevosti Monclús is, from April 23, the new vice-president of the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC). Member of the IEC attached to the Historical-Archaeological Section, Prevosti holds the position vacated by Mariàngela Vilallonga, appointed Councillor of Culture of the Catalan regional government (Generalitat de Catalunya) last March. Prevosti takes this duty «with a spirit of service, […]