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Fieldwork at the Greek colony of Abdera, Thrace, Greece: report on GIAP summer adventure

Originally posted by the GIAP team at http://giap.icac.cat/news/ 2020, a complicated year for the whole world! And in the midst of the pandemic, GIAP team had somehow to move on with the TransLands project to ensure the provision of good datasets to continue with the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and analysis of the twice-funded Classical colony of Abdera […]
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An international initiative will put on the map archaeological survey projects in the Mediterranean and surrounding areas

ICAC Landscape Archaeology Research Group (GIAP) in collaboration with researchers from Carleton College (USA), the Florida State University (USA) and the Cambridge University (UK) have launched an international initiative to collect information on archaeological survey projects in the Mediterranean and surrounding areas. The project aims to develop an open-access database on The Fieldwalker portal, with an interactive map that has already started to […]
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1st TIR-FOR Symposium on digital cartography, next October 26 and 27, fully online

1st TIR-FOR Symposium. From territory studies to digital cartography Next October 26 and 27, will take place the 1st TIR-FOR Symposium, at the IEC, Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Barcelona), ​​in a fully online format. The Symposium will run a two-day program with 27 talks and a poster session, organized into three thematic sessions; with the participation of experts […]
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New input to the TarrAcro-Polis research and scientific dissemination project

TarrAcro-Polis: a scientific journey of 2,000 years of history Research and scientific dissemination project TarrAcro-Polis (funded by FECYT through the Call for grants for the promotion of scientific, technological and innovation culture, FCT-18-13482) has received a boost, last Tuesday 20 October, with the signature of a collaboration agreement between Biblical Museum of Tarragona (MBT) and County Council of Tarragonès to contribute […]
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How were technological innovation and knowledge transfer like in Classical times? A new MSCA project at ICAC will study the importance of technological progress from ancient times

We welcome Simona Perna, an archaeologist with a degree in Classical Culture, as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie researcher at the ICAC. This fellowship (MSCA) is named after the great scientist and double Nobel Prize winner. It is a very prestigious research fellowship programme from the European Commission that promotes mobility and innovative training among researchers at European and international level. MSCA […]
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At the end of August a new archaeological excavation began in the Visigoth city of Valencia “la Vella” (Riba-roja de Túria, Valencia)

Desde finales de agosto, se está llevando a cabo una nueva excavación arqueológica en la ciudad visigoda de Valencia la Vella (Riba-roja de Túria). The intervention is part of the research and dissemination project promoted, since 2016, by the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology and the City Council of Riba-roja de Túria (region of Camp de Túria, Valencia). The action is […]
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On-going archaeological works in Bac de Puigpedrós (Pyrenees) provides early signs of pre-Roman presence in the site

The new GIAP archaeological campaign in the Pyrenees has started with archaeological survey and trial excavation tasks in new archaeological sites registered at headwaters of the Duran river and in Coll de Mulleres (Meranges, Cerdanya). The research team wants thus to expand the number of known deposits and dated them, so they can work with more data on […]
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An automatic learning system allows you to locate archaeological sites in remote areas

An article published in the journal PNAS, with Hèctor A. Orengo, ICAC researcher and co-director of the GIAP Research Group, as the lead author presents a machine-learning data analysis from multisensor satellites. The study, which has uncovered more than a hundred new archaeological mounds in Pakistan’s Thar Desert, provides valuable information on the effects of […]
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URV, ICAC and Constanti City Council run a full project to heritage recovery in the Roman villa of Mas dels Frares

The Rovira i Virgili University (URV), the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC) and the Constanti City Council signed a collaboration agreement to promote archaeological research in the rural archaeological site of Mas dels Frares (Constantí, Tarragona) and assess the heritage entity of this Roman villa of the old territory of Tarraco. This archaeological site is located […]

1st TIR-FOR Symposium sets its program with nearly thirty high-level communications

1st TIR-FOR Symposium. From territory studies to digital cartography The great possibilities offered by digital cartography have made it an essential tool for investigating and disseminating knowledge of the Roman world. Joining efforts exponentially increases the potential of results from research and it is increasingly evident that important achievements require international networks of researchers with common […]