Public defense of Master’s dissertations, at the ICAC

Five students of the second year of the Master’s Degree in Classical Archeology (joint program URV-UAB-ICAC) made the public defence of their Master’s dissertation. Master candidates faced up the situation and successfully passed the demonstration. Each candidate had 20 minutes for the oral presentation and they used a slide presentation to show and summarize the results […]

Open registration for the summer course on archaeology in Valencia “la Vella”

Extended registration term for the IV Course on Cristian and Visigothic archaeology, organized by the ICAC and the city council of Riba-roja de Túria (Valencia). It will take place from July 29 to August 16 in the archaeological site of  Valencia “la Vella” (ancient Valencia). The course is specifically focused on Late Antique archaeology, its material culture […]
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Pre-enrolment online application to the Master in Classical Archaeology, open till May 15

First period to pre-enrolment to the Master in Classical Archaeology (academic year 2019/2020) will be open till May, 15. After this first application period, it will be open a second online enrolment period from May, 16 to July, 19, if there are vacant posts. Get personalized attention in the ICAC’s Support Office for students. Pre-enrol! More information   […]

A new archaeological fieldwork in Nulles confirms the presence of three silos from late Bronze Age or early Iron Age

Between February 25 and March 12, the ICAC’s research team on Protohistoric Archeology carried out an excavation and consolidation fieldwork in the archaeological site Mas Cap de Ferro (Nulles, Alt Camp). The intervention, which raised when a road’s construction works put into light possible ancient storage structures, confirms the presence of three silos from the […]

New corpus of knowledge for the study of the forum and its organising role in the Roman city

Dario Canino’s thesis provides a new corpus of knowledge for the study of the forum and its organising role in the Roman city Dario Canino’s thesis on urbanism and Roman forums, awarded with an outstanding mark. It may represent a new work of reference for forensic complexes, and urbanism and ancient topography (which is the study […]