GIAP investigates a network of historical fire beacons in Tenerife, Canary Islands

GIAP researcher Francesc C. Conesa and his colleague Jared Carballo (University of La Laguna ULL) talk about VIGILANT. This new project aims to shed new light on the historical network of signalling fire beacons on the island of Tenerife. The project has been recently funded by the Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural, Gobierno de Canarias. […]
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The European Researchers Night in Tarragona gets back to presence, with the slogan “Research for change”

Science will once again fill the streets, markets, and educational centers of the Tarragona area. The fourth edition of the European Research Night recovers the face-to-face activities in an edition still marked by the restrictions derived from the pandemic. The Rovira i Virgili University coordinates this activity in the regions of Tarragona; together with the […]
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New archaeological works in the prehistoric cave 338 in the Pyrenees

A team led by IPHES is carrying out an archaeological intervention in cave 338 (or “Catau de l’Os”), located at 2,250 m, in a strategic enclave of the Pyrenees, a halfway between the Núria valley and the top of Puigmal, the highest peak in the area. From August 26 to September 6, a team from the Catalan Institute of Human […]
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The last archaeological campaign in Costa de la Serra (La Secuita, Tarragona) allows defining the southern front of the fortification

The eighth archaeological campaign carried out in Costa de la Serra (La Secuita, Tarragona) ended last July 16. ICAC researchers, students of the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology (URV-UAB-ICAC), students of the URV History and Art History degrees, and local volunteers have participated in this archaeological campaign, which has lasted three weeks and has […]
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New milestone for the heritage and archaeology project in the Roman town of Mas dels Frares (Constantí, Tarragona)

El pasado 27 de julio se expusieron los resultados globales de las excavaciones arqueológicas efectuadas en el yacimiento de Mas dels Frares (Constantí, Tarragona) entre los años 2019 y 2021, con el apoyo del Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, el Ayuntamiento de Constantí y el Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen […]
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Documentation of the access door to the archaeological site of Coll del Moro in Gandesa (Tarragona)

2021 archaeological excavation campaign at the Coll del Moro archaeological site (in Gandesa, Tarragona), which took place from June 21 to July 9, within the framework of the UB-GRACPE and ICAC research project Formation, development, and dissolution of the Iberian culture in the lower course of the Ebro river (9th-1st century BC), has allowed completing […]
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Almost 9,000 burial mounds detected in Galicia by Artificial Intelligence

Recently, an article in La Vanguardia highlighted our projects in Galicia (Spain), where we have been using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to automatise the detection of archaeological features, structures, and sites. With this post, we wanted to provide insight into this transformative methodology. A transformative methodology Artificial intelligence (AI) is being considered the fourth industrial revolution. […]
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The ICAC relies now on its own Protocol for prevention and action against violence and harassment at work.

The Protocol was approved at the end of December 2020. The first half of 2021 efforts have been put into its application and the implementation of the main prevention measures. In September 2018, at the 25th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, in Barcelona, it was communicated a study on sexual harassment in archaeology; especially in […]
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The ICAC Activity Report 2020 is now posted. Have a look!

2020 will remain forever etched in our memories. It has been a year of suspension of face-to-face activities and many kinds of academic activities, conferences, trips, stays, fieldwork, lab research, and dissemination. The impact of the pandemic on the field of archaeology has been significant. A survey conducted by the Plataforma Estatal de Profesionales de la Arqueología reported economic […]
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2021 archaeological works start at the Roman site of Mas dels Frares (Constantí, Tarragona)

The ICAC started this week the archaeological excavation works for the 2021 campaign at the Roman town of Mas dels Frares, sited in the town of Constantí (Tarragona). The intervention will take place from June 28 to July 30, 2021. The activity belongs to the research project Estudi i difusió de la vil·la romana del Mas dels […]