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An agreement for boosting the study and dissemination of historical heritage related to water collection

The agreement between Ematsa, ICAC and the URV includes the elaboration of a Strategic Plan for the protection, study and dissemination of the historical heritage linked to the collection and transport of water to the municipalities of Tarragona, La Canonja, El Catllar and Els Pallaresos.       The Tarragona Water Board (Ematsa), the Catalan […]
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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

This year ICAC has reinforced its commitment to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which it already held in 2018 with different events. ICAC’s Equality Committee has organized different dissemination talks and has joined the initiative of the Dissemination Association of Camp de Tarragona. Meeting with scientists from Tarragona An ICAC researcher participates in one of […]

Big Data & artificial intelligence: an archaeological revolution

Hèctor Orengo joined ICAC on March 2018 as a Ramón y Cajal researcher (postdoctoral senior grant from the Spanish government) at the GIAP research group, led by Josep M. Palet. Since then, he is working on landscape archaeology and computational archaeology research programs. In particular, he is developing machine learning algorithms for automatic sites detection. In collaboration with […]
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Official visit of the Director-General for Research Joan Gómez Pallarès

On December 19, the ICAC received the official visit of the Director-General for Research of the Catalan Government, Mr Joan Gómez Pallarès. It was an important day in which, in addition to receiving a visit to such a relevant position -an event that had not occurred since 2011-, the Institute celebrated its 15th anniversary and […]

International Conference “The Late Roman villae in Hispania”

ICAC researcher Marta Prevosti participates in the International Congress “The Late Roman villae in Hispania”, to be held in Palencia from November 15 to 17, 2018. Prevosti will present “Everyday life in the Late Roman villae in Hispania” (November 16, 4 pm). The Congress is organized by the Culture Service of the Provincial Council of […]

Route to the unedited sites of the Roman city

On Saturday, October 27, Josep Maria Palet, acting director of the ICAC, will lead a guided tour through unkown spaces of the Roman city in Barcelona. The route is one of the additional activities programmed under the 3rd International Conference on Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt, EGYPHARMED 2018. The meeting point is in the […]