Tarracropolis, audiovisual display in YouTube

New resource in the ICAC YouTube channelYou can now visit the video on the project TARRACROPOLIS. This is one of the outreach resources you can visit  in the permament museum room launched in Tarragona last December, 2020, in the Biblical Museum on Tarragona.

Tarracrópolis is from last December a new space to visit and learn about the historical heritage of Tarragona. It is located inside the Tarraconense Biblical Museum and consists of two rooms that, in practice, are a geological, historical and architectural journey through the 23-century history of the city.

(Spanish audio with English subtitles)

Roman, medieval, and contemporary Tarragona overlap and allow us to establish a story to deepen our knowledge of the history and heritage of the city.

The project, which has had the support of different institutions and entities, still has the potential to grow, since ten meters underground hide more than 100 meters of labyrinthine galleries of a perfectly preserved Spanish Civil War refuge that came to host 700 people.

Tarracrópolis is the result of more than twenty years of joined research by the Catalan Institute of Classical Archeology (ICAC) and the Tarraconense Biblical Museum. The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology Foundation (FECYT), Tarragona County Council, Tarragona Provincial Council, professional association COAATT, Archdiocese of Tarragona, and Fundació Privada Mútua Catalana have also collaborated in the project. Project budget is estimated at around 80,000 euros and has required three years of work.