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Giannis Apostolou_ICAC2021 

Towards a practical implementation of automated surface survey in GreeceGiannis Apostolou, PhD Researcher (GIAP).

#Intensive pedestrian survey in Greece, #UAS (drones), #Automated detection of surface material, #Deep learning algorithms, #Remote sensing techniques.



Archaeological pedestrian survey remains the most widespread method to locate and monitor archaeological sites in Greece and the Mediterranean. For archaeologists, however, it also represents a time-consuming and expensive process. This study will therefore be the first PhD to deal with the development of a new automated surveying method that has the potential to increase speed and reliability of data while significantly reducing financial costs and time investment. In particular the method will make use of remotely controlled aerial vehicles (or drones), sub-centimetre photogrammetry, artificial intelligence and GIS analysis in order to establish new parameters to automatically detect and map multi-period surface ceramic distributions, mainly potsherds. So far three case studies from Greece are considered for the application of this method.


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