The ports of antiquity, protagonists of the fifth conference Tarraco Biennial

A la dreta, Jordi López, editor de la publicació. Amb Andreu Muñoz i Joaquín de Arbulo, responsables del congrés (foto: URV)
Last Wednesday, November 27 the organization of Tarraco Biennial presented the proceedings of the fourth edition of the conference, focused on Christian Archaeology

“Living in the ports of antiquity” is the title of the fifth international conference Tarraco Biennial: Archaeology and Ancient World, which will take place in Tarragona November next year.

Trade relations, taxation and the mark left by the ports in the development of cities of the Roman Empire like Tarraco are some of the topics that experts will address at the conference. An opportunity, according to the organizers, to “bring the maritime heritage to the people of Tarragona”.

It was announced by the coordinator of Tarraco Biennial, Joaquín Ruiz de Arbulo (URV- ICAC researcher) in the book presentation of the proceedings of the conference’s fourth edition and seventh meeting of Christian Archaeology Hispanic Association held last year in Tarragona.

The Tarraconense Bible Museum held the book presentation of the conference proceedings

Proceedings include 51 papers by 97 authors from about twenty European universities and different institutions. 500 pages that explain the latest scientific contributions of research on Tarraco monuments such as Centcelles, the Amphitheater or the Paleochristian Necropolis, but also from other provinces of Hispania.

The book’s editor, the archaeologist and researcher of the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC) Jordi López, reported that articles’ compilation in the proceedings provides contributions by researchers from Catalonia, Spain, Portugal and the United States, related to different universities, research institutions such as the ICAC, museums and institutions and companies in the field of archaeology.

The work is organized per chapters. The first one includes ten articles on Tarraco and sixteen other articles on the province of Tarraconensis. There are also those chapters with articles on other Roman provinces such as Lusitania and Betica.

Over half a thousand copies of the book have been published, which will be distributed by universities and specialized centres. There will also be copies on sale at the public book presentation, on Wednesday, November 27 at 7 p.m. at the Tarraconense Bible Museum.

According to Andreu Muñoz  (Tarraconense Bible Museum — ICAC), co-organizer of the conference, the proceedings and the scientific meeting of 2018 “put Tarragona on the map of paleo-Christianity, revalue the archaeology of this period and involve an important transfer of knowledge to the population”.