First Practical Workshop on Advanced Computational Archaeology

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Hèctor A. Orengo and Josep Maria Palet, members of the Research Group on Landscape Archaeology (ICAC) organize, from October 30 to November 9, a workshop on Advanced Computational Archaeology. This is one of the dissemination activities planned in the InterArPa project, funded by the Spanish Government R+D program (MINECO, HAR2015-64636-P).

The first edition of the Workshop on Advanced Computational Archaeology is aimed to archaeologists with experience in using remote sensing, GIS and other geospatial tools. An intensive practical training that combines brief presentations on specific topics with long practical sessions that will allow participants to deepen in the computing techniques and understand its application in different areas and study situations.


Practical sessions will test several Machine Learning methods (including Random Forest, SVM and CART) and Deep Learning methods (such as Neural Networks for the detection and classification of archaeological features) using a combination of software and computing methods.